Tuesday, July 22, 2008


okay just picture this:

all of us are in the living room. i'm laying on the couch feeling like crap because of a stomach bug that the kids so generously shared with me. the kids are a little stir crazy, so to keep them a little occupied troy gets them singing some fun songs. (he's a great guy huh...too bad, he's mine!) :)

anyway, the kids are having a ball...singing all sorts of songs dancing around and expending some energy. then we sing "row, row, row your boat". troy and i show them how to sing it in parts (as a round) and had the kids sing with us to see what it's like. we sang it as a round like three times and when we were done troy asks

Troy: "now does anyone know what that was called?"
we were looking for the answer "a round"

Noemi "i know! a sour note!!"

kids....don't you just love them?? :)


Spencer and Heather said...

I can't read it... it's white text on white background...

Spencer and Heather said...

That is too funny!! I love kids, they say some hilarious stuff, and they are being completely serious when they say it!

Amy said...

Hehehe...how does she know what a sour note is?

Are you sure you have a "bug"?...=)

Lisa and Jared said...

noemi totally cracks me up!

Casey said...

LOL, she is so cute! Kids are nuts :) & so honest :)