Monday, October 13, 2008

the past few months

what has happened here??

in august: i celebrated the beginning of my last year in my 20's. i am not bothered by my age at all! troy got me all 4 of the twilight books for my bday! he had no wife for a bit...thanks honey!

the kiddos (lance and noemi) started school. it's very convienient that they both are in the same school now...same grade, but different teachers.

troy had HIS birthday which he departed from his twenties and entered a new decade! i considered throwing an "old" party, but i wasn't motivated by the planning and effort it would take, plus it was on a sunday, so he turned 30 quietly and without fanfare.

in september:

we went up to utah for labor day. we got to spend time with some of troy's extended family. it was so nice...i even got to meet some cousins and their families for the first time! we got to have fun at the famous "peach days" and got crazy loaded with more candy than we knew what to do with...

noemi got to be student of the week in her class. she brought in lots of pictures, filled out a poster and got to bring her family in for her presentation. the following week was her birthday. i think it is so fun that she gets to have her birthday fall during school! that is something i never got to experience!

bekah joined the ranks of lance and noemi in education....sorta. :) a couple gals from the area and i got together and formed a preschool. it's pretty much the 'joy-school' curriculum and set up. we each take turns teaching in our homes. it is fun and bekah especially enjoys it! she is such a big girl!

on the 20th troy and i celebrated our 8th anniversary! we spent the day in flagstaff with the youth from our church. we rode the ski lift for a moutian top devotional. it was nice...but windy and cold LOL and we got a sunburn. we went out to eat that evening but we were so tired we didn't do anything else, a movie was contemplated, but sleeping through it didn't seem so appealing! :)

then bekah had her birthday too! it seems so crazy sometimes to have 2 girls with birthdays in the same month...especially before samantha came was 4 birthdays and an aniversary within 2 months! how much crazy fun can you pack into a couple months??! ;)

then sometime this summer...before school started...can't remember exactly, we got to spend time as a family WITH lance's parents. they had a birthday party for lance since they didn't get to spend time with him on his birthday (which was the beginning of june). we got to go BOWLING! this was a first for the girls...and they still remind us that we HAVE to take them again sometime! they had so much fun!

any suggestions??!

okay, samantha has been our only thumb sucker and blanket toter. i do have to say, it has been very convenient that she was able to self soothe so early, but there are definitely disadvantages. i am NOT looking forward to breaking the thumb habit.

then there is the blanket....she truly loves it! she giggles when you give it to her. but, alas, after being dragged around EVERYWHERE it doesn't exactly stay clean for very long. boy-oh-boy is laundering that blanket a joy!

i usually try to nab the blanket and toss it in the washer when she is unaware, but this time she caught me grabbing it. GREAT! she knew something was up. then i got this fabulous idea that if she was the one to put it in the washer it would go smoother.

so far so good!

there it is...getting clean!

so much for that eh??! such a sad thing!

so, do any of you have any suggestions on how to make this very temporary parting that much less traumatic for her...LOL and the rest of us??!

Friday, October 10, 2008 it me you're looking for??!

okay well of COURSE it's me you are looking for!

it is my blog after all!

okay...i just wanted to post and let you all know i'm back baby!!