Tuesday, March 18, 2008

shoulda woulda coulda??

wow! it's so weird to think that we very well could be in california right now! last week we, or i should i say troy, got a surprising and rather unexpected email. apparently last year troy went online to see if he could get tickets to american idol...and that is what the email was all about!

how fun would that be though??

but as it stood, internet tickets are on a first come, first served basis and there is no guarentee of getting in or even sitting with your party, and it's standing room only so we are to wear comfortable shoes too. there is also a dress code that is strictly enforced with internet ticket holders: no shorts of any kind and no t-shirts and no white. dark colors preferred. we are to dress "hip and upscale". LOL yes, and i know i'm the picture of hip and upscale!

it was a nice idea but...realistically with a baby and 3 older kids...a job and the cost of fuel and finding a place to stay, standing in a line without a guarentee of being able to even sit (or stand, as it would be) next to my husband...or even getting in for that matter...*sigh* it just wasn't to be.

another i had another rather fun surprise last week. my husband told me that an old friend (gary) from prescott came into work and they were talking. gary asked troy if he has been watching his grand daughter on tv. troy was a little lost and asked who his grand daughter is. come to find out his grand daughter is BROOKE WHITE!

how cool is that??! a few of you had some connection to her...and now so do we! she has always been a favorite of mine.

so everyone, vote and vote often for Brooke white!

Friday, March 14, 2008


okay i thought spring break was supposed to be fun...filled with energy and excitement. what happened??

i'll tell you what:

this is me:

i have been really knocked on my buttoot by this. i was running a fever for like 2 days and with the sinus pressure...i just wanted to chop my head off!! but to make matters worse, samantha has been like this:

poor thing...i know she's not feeling the best either as her nose has started running too...but the screaming and crying...it's just not conducive to my sudden sound sensitivity which amplifies the pressure in my head.

but to make things even better, our sweet dog, bill, just got neutered monday afternoon. FINALLY! but his neutering wasn't an easy one...as he isn't from fine breeding (mutts usually aren't!) they had to do a little extra digging to get the job done. but as he is 4 yrs old he isn't quite as resilient as a puppy. and has been feeling like this:

he is actually feeling better now but still has to stay inside and is kinda going nuts because he longs to go run and play outside the way he's used to...but under dr's orders that is a no go! not till at least next monday...but even then he can't go free. he actually had to get stitches and has to wear one of those obedience cone collar thingies to keep from licking until the stitches are removed next week.

so while i'm trying to rest and recover i have to corral the older kids as they are going crazy bouncing off the walls with energy because i'm too sick to take them anywhere, trying to soothe and pacify a fussy baby and nurse a post surgical dog.

so...yeah, spring break has been fun so far. luckily, we have one more week. lets see if next week will go better!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

update on the Pettits


it feels like ages since i last posted! we have been through sicknesses of all kinds...from the flu, colds, pink eye to the stomach flu and i think i am starting to hint at allergies...when will it all end??! but on the up side, samantha FINALLY cut her top teeth. so hopefully that will improve her disposition.

but in addition to the sicknesses, we have had some big things happen. first off, we received our licence to foster...about 3 weeks ago today, actually. that excited us and we started making plans for getting the house ready for when the day would arrive in a few months that the state would call with a child to place in our home.

some things that were on our to do list:

  • get the back room cleaned out (it had become a storage room of mostly baby equipment)
  • get the bed set up
  • <>get bedding/mattress pad
  • paint the room
  • get a dresser (preferably for the girls' room that is big enough to accommodate all the girls)

well, to our shock and surprise, a week ago today i received a phone call. what??! they had a child they wanted to place in our home!! we said we'd do it and after last whirl wind of a weekend we now have an adorable red-headed 6 yr old boy in our home. he really is a good kid...but is all boy. he is just a bundle of energy...and boy have i been worn out. we are happy that he is here and our girls fell in love with him instantly!

there is going to be a lot going on...so please be patient with me if posts become spaced farther and farther apart.