Friday, October 26, 2007

...oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C!

I miss scategories! I wanna play!! My sister sent forwarded this to me so who else want’s to play??

• Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...
• You must use real places, names, things...nothing made up!
Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is Your Name? Christina

4 Letter Word: crap
Vehicle: chevy cavalier
TV Show: CSI
Boy Name: Chad…I just saw an altell commercial
Girl Name: Clairese *spoken in the creepy Anthony Hopkins voice*
Drink: cream soda
Occupation: carpenter
Something You Wear: cardigan
Celebrity: Cesar Millan
Food: Chinese cuisine
Found in a Bathroom: cologne
Reason for Being Late: car collision
Cartoon Character: Charlie Brown
Something You Shout: COME ON…DRIVE YOUR CAR!!, yeah I’m a vocal driver :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

inspiration FROM inspiration??!

thank you heather for inspiring casey to clean her stove and post it her blog!! you BOTH have inspired ME!! my husband and stove thank you!! and who says i don't get anything done when i'm on the computer!! LOL!

now i challenge everyone who reads this to CLEAN YOUR STOVE!! :) and then leave a comment on my page so we can all see how many clean stoves we have inspired! VIVA CLEAN STOVES!!

hmm...i wonder what can we do about toilets now??? LOL

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

*pout* what if i don't wanna play?!

OKAY! amy tagged me. so i'll go ahead and do it...

1. daycare provider
2. book keeper
3. pharmacy tech
4. courtesy clerk at safeway...yay
(those are just since i have been married)

LOL and YES amy i do remember our telemarketing venture...I of course endured much longer...i actually liked it! am i sick or what??!

1. Chino Valley, AZ
2. Prescott, AZ
3. Mesa, AZ

1. Tony Roma's ribs with the carolina honeys sauce...thank you troy, for that! you have ruined me for other ribs!
2. seafood
3. italian
4. chinese (but no flaming wok please *erp*)
5. ICECREAM!!!!!

hmmm...there really isn't much i really consistently go to...
1. my friends blogs! i LOVE being able to peek in on them...especially of the friends that i haven't seen in ages!
2. blogspot (LOL so i can work on my blog)
3. msn weather
4. ebay (just for funny)

1. on the way to somewhere fun with my husband and girls
2. in a nice hot bubble bath with a fabulous book ...i have to clean my bathtub first *grumble*
3. in a sparkling clean home with a closet full of fabulous clothes all for me that actually FIT!

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Ever After
3. gone in 60 seconds ...what can i say, i apparently DO like pretty cars :)
4. all the "classics" from my childhood YAY charlie brown
hmm...there are SOO many i'll leave the list at that

1. heroes (although this season isn't the same...the 1st was much better)
2. law and order svu
3. csi
4. survivor
5. csi miami...i LOVE to watch it to mock it! can we say hero complex??
(the first 4 are the ones that i eagerly await each week)

okay now i am not playing any more! *sits down with arms folded* i refuse to tag anyone! and you can't make me! *grin*

Monday, October 22, 2007

a weekend of firsts!

we had fun this weekend! on friday, samantha turned 6 months! YAY! i hadn't started her on solids yet and wanted troy to be here when i did, so saturday got to be the big day! ...even if daddy ended up taking a test online for one of his classes when the big first happened. :)

that afternoon we went SHOPPING! we love it when we ALL get to go! since this year is going to be our FIRST christmas at home, we thought it would be a good time to get our first full sized christmas tree...most likely it will be artificial. we took the opportunity to look at the trees that are actually out and on display in some stores to see what we like. *sigh* i don't know if we will EVER agree on what we both like! we also encouraged the girls to think of what they would like for christmas as we walked purposely through the toys, pricing what ideas we already had and getting other ideas. we had one specific purpose for one of the stores we went to: noemi and bekah got their first full sized standard pillows! they are so excited by them! they were using little half sized travel pillows before. they love their little pillows but they were getting old. they will still be perfect for taking on trips,though, so they didn't have to say goodbye to them.

when we got home we cleaned up the house and got ready for our friends darrell and dodie to come over for dinner. we had so much fun and after dinner all of us 'grown ups' played a fun card game that we have had for about 6 months (or has it been over a year?) that we hadn't played yet. it was a riot and darrell and dodie got to see a slightly competitive side that not many have seen. (i really wasn't that competitive...that's only when i play risk!) we ended up calling it good without finishing the game because how long it was going and we all had teaching obligations for church in the morning.

*sigh* i love the weekend when we get to hang out as a family! our girls love their daddy and miss him during the week...between work, school, and church they don't get to see as much of him. it's worth it though, school will be done soon enough and i am glad that troy is going and furthering his education. i love you honey! i know it is hard, but thank you for all your hard work! what a wonderful family i have!!


*smile* ah! i just read my last post about our septic woes. silly me, i was so sure it would be taken care of the next day! hahahaha!! that was SO not what happened. so, ya, tuesday late afternoon showed the first symptoms of a problem which rendered me stinky and unable to shower. i bet i was SUPER appealing when troy got home! LOL
i called our septic maintenance company of choice, and all was set for wednesday morning. i waited eagerly so i could shower and do more laundry so my husband had clean clothes to wear on thursday. UNFORTUNATELY, troy told me that they won't be able to come because the treatment plant wasn't functioning...what? they didn't want a truck full of sewage in their truck all day?? wimps! :) but they came out to help us locate our septic so we could dig it up and not have to fork out MORE $$ for them to do it. we rented a bobcat to help us do the job...29 inches down is a LOT to dig out by hand in our cement-like clay/dirt. i snickered at the bobcat! it looked SO funny as compared to the backhoes we've used in our it was a child's version! ANYWAY, back they come first thing thursday morning to get the job done. he opened up the septic and found that the problem was a clogged filter...they have filters in septic systems?? and the septic could probably go for another 1 to 3 years before pumping. well it's already uncovered, so to save us the impending hassle for NEXT time, we told him to go ahead and still pump. so he gets ready to start pumping and what else should go wrong...HIS TRUCK BROKE! AAAARRRGH! ever feel like the forces of the universe are against you?! (or how ever the phrase goes) but the filter was cleaned and the septic was usable...just stinkily uncovered...sorry neighbors! so finally FRIDAY he was back with a DIFFERENT truck and pumped it...THE END! FINALLY!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Water, anyone??

Aaaaaaaah the joys of life!! It’s AMAZING the everyday things you take for granted. For instance: you all know how hard life is when you don’t have water…but have you really thought about where it goes when it goes down the drain? In our situation, it’s the septic tank. Yep, you guessed it! We get to experience life like we almost don’t have one. I rudely found out yesterday afternoon that our septic was VERY unhappy with it’s current functioning condition. I had been doing some household cleaning and some laundry and it had started getting late in the afternoon and I hadn’t yet showered because I had scrubbed the shower floor and wanted to leave the cleaner on as long as possible to disinfect it. So when I got around to showering I rinsed the floor REALLY well and hopped in. I was JUST about to grab the shampoo when I heard the toilet making a strange glugging noise. And just then the shower started filling up with water THROUGH the drain. NOOOOOO! And I JUST cleaned it. 

It turns out our septic needs pumping. It may just be a partial clog…but it’s time for a pumping anyway…what a way to burn $300! The GOOD thing is, once the water went back down we still have partial usage…we can still use the toilet and wash our hands but much more than that gets scary. So no laundry, showers, or dishes until TOMORROW! Thank goodness for friends nearby with showers and laundry rooms!

Here’s to the little things in life!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

TIME...*sung as hootie andthe blowfish's song*

wow! does time fly!! i just downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera that have been WAITING there for some time. i got caught up looking at the other pictures on our computer and it really hit me how much has happened in just this last year! there have been two weddings of my siblings, 4 babies born (counting both troy's and my family) (also including our own addition), noemi started kindergarten and troy started up classes again too, we bought an SUV, sold our little sedan *i miss the gas milage*, siblings moving away from home...and SOOOoooOOO much more!

even the past 6 months have flown by!! i can't believe daughter #3 is gonna be 6 months old THIS WEEK! didn't we just bring her home from the hospital a few weeks ago??

hmmm! i guess not! cute little thang!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

here it is!

hey! it is HERE!! here is my family blog! now i can keep you all updated on all that is excitingin our little Pettit world! YAAAAAAAY! i hope you enjoy!!