Tuesday, October 23, 2007

*pout* what if i don't wanna play?!

OKAY! amy tagged me. so i'll go ahead and do it...

1. daycare provider
2. book keeper
3. pharmacy tech
4. courtesy clerk at safeway...yay
(those are just since i have been married)

LOL and YES amy i do remember our telemarketing venture...I of course endured much longer...i actually liked it! am i sick or what??!

1. Chino Valley, AZ
2. Prescott, AZ
3. Mesa, AZ

1. Tony Roma's ribs with the carolina honeys sauce...thank you troy, for that! you have ruined me for other ribs!
2. seafood
3. italian
4. chinese (but no flaming wok please *erp*)
5. ICECREAM!!!!!

hmmm...there really isn't much i really consistently go to...
1. my friends blogs! i LOVE being able to peek in on them...especially of the friends that i haven't seen in ages!
2. blogspot (LOL so i can work on my blog)
3. msn weather
4. ebay (just for funny)
5. lds.org

1. on the way to somewhere fun with my husband and girls
2. in a nice hot bubble bath with a fabulous book ...i have to clean my bathtub first *grumble*
3. in a sparkling clean home with a closet full of fabulous clothes all for me that actually FIT!

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Ever After
3. gone in 60 seconds ...what can i say, i apparently DO like pretty cars :)
4. all the "classics" from my childhood YAY charlie brown
hmm...there are SOO many i'll leave the list at that

1. heroes (although this season isn't the same...the 1st was much better)
2. law and order svu
3. csi
4. survivor
5. csi miami...i LOVE to watch it to mock it! can we say hero complex??
(the first 4 are the ones that i eagerly await each week)

okay now i am not playing any more! *sits down with arms folded* i refuse to tag anyone! and you can't make me! *grin*


Amy said...

You ARE sick. And how can you not like Flaming Wok!?!?! That's my second fav Chinese place. They have the best Sesame chicken! We only get it when we go to Provo though :(

Stina said...

well everytime i have eaten at the flaming wok (at least at our mall) it leaves us with funny feeling tummies...so UNFORTUNATLY it has left us with a bad taste in our mouths...so to speak. kinda like jj hunons (sp?) troy's family RAVED about it and there used to be one up in page...then it closed up shop and was in st george...and they took me there! FABULOUS! and it was like eating in a nice resturant...all fancy and everything. well years down the line we found it had moved locations in st george but we tracked it down. it was a new look...kinda fast foody but we didn't care..until we ATE it. VERY dissapointing to say the very least! and to top it all off...they cooked all the meat in the same pan...so EVERYTHING tasted like fish even though no one ordered fish...the fish flavor did NOT go well with my dish! (and i LIKE fish!)

Amy said...

I'm surprised all those years of Taco Bell didn't prepare your stomach for anything and everything.

Casey said...

I totally agree this season isnt as good as the first season of Hero's I love that show!! Can you come down for Tammy's shower? or Wedding?

The Pettit Family said...

Hello Christina. It's me Austin Pettit from Mesa High. Nice to hear from you. My husband is Rex Pettit. His grandfather is Newel Pettit. Sound familiar? Where do you live?