Monday, October 22, 2007


*smile* ah! i just read my last post about our septic woes. silly me, i was so sure it would be taken care of the next day! hahahaha!! that was SO not what happened. so, ya, tuesday late afternoon showed the first symptoms of a problem which rendered me stinky and unable to shower. i bet i was SUPER appealing when troy got home! LOL
i called our septic maintenance company of choice, and all was set for wednesday morning. i waited eagerly so i could shower and do more laundry so my husband had clean clothes to wear on thursday. UNFORTUNATELY, troy told me that they won't be able to come because the treatment plant wasn't functioning...what? they didn't want a truck full of sewage in their truck all day?? wimps! :) but they came out to help us locate our septic so we could dig it up and not have to fork out MORE $$ for them to do it. we rented a bobcat to help us do the job...29 inches down is a LOT to dig out by hand in our cement-like clay/dirt. i snickered at the bobcat! it looked SO funny as compared to the backhoes we've used in our it was a child's version! ANYWAY, back they come first thing thursday morning to get the job done. he opened up the septic and found that the problem was a clogged filter...they have filters in septic systems?? and the septic could probably go for another 1 to 3 years before pumping. well it's already uncovered, so to save us the impending hassle for NEXT time, we told him to go ahead and still pump. so he gets ready to start pumping and what else should go wrong...HIS TRUCK BROKE! AAAARRRGH! ever feel like the forces of the universe are against you?! (or how ever the phrase goes) but the filter was cleaned and the septic was usable...just stinkily uncovered...sorry neighbors! so finally FRIDAY he was back with a DIFFERENT truck and pumped it...THE END! FINALLY!


Amy said...

It's so cute how you thought things would go smoothly! Are you new here?!

Stina said...

hahahahaha!! amy i love you!