Monday, October 22, 2007

a weekend of firsts!

we had fun this weekend! on friday, samantha turned 6 months! YAY! i hadn't started her on solids yet and wanted troy to be here when i did, so saturday got to be the big day! ...even if daddy ended up taking a test online for one of his classes when the big first happened. :)

that afternoon we went SHOPPING! we love it when we ALL get to go! since this year is going to be our FIRST christmas at home, we thought it would be a good time to get our first full sized christmas tree...most likely it will be artificial. we took the opportunity to look at the trees that are actually out and on display in some stores to see what we like. *sigh* i don't know if we will EVER agree on what we both like! we also encouraged the girls to think of what they would like for christmas as we walked purposely through the toys, pricing what ideas we already had and getting other ideas. we had one specific purpose for one of the stores we went to: noemi and bekah got their first full sized standard pillows! they are so excited by them! they were using little half sized travel pillows before. they love their little pillows but they were getting old. they will still be perfect for taking on trips,though, so they didn't have to say goodbye to them.

when we got home we cleaned up the house and got ready for our friends darrell and dodie to come over for dinner. we had so much fun and after dinner all of us 'grown ups' played a fun card game that we have had for about 6 months (or has it been over a year?) that we hadn't played yet. it was a riot and darrell and dodie got to see a slightly competitive side that not many have seen. (i really wasn't that competitive...that's only when i play risk!) we ended up calling it good without finishing the game because how long it was going and we all had teaching obligations for church in the morning.

*sigh* i love the weekend when we get to hang out as a family! our girls love their daddy and miss him during the week...between work, school, and church they don't get to see as much of him. it's worth it though, school will be done soon enough and i am glad that troy is going and furthering his education. i love you honey! i know it is hard, but thank you for all your hard work! what a wonderful family i have!!


crissybug said...

Hey! I have been lurking on your site since you commmented on the Reunion site. I am glad you found me too! Your girls are just too adorable! It would have been good to see you at the reunion, but I understand circumstances just didn't allow for everyone. I look forward to "peeking" in on your cute family.