Friday, March 14, 2008


okay i thought spring break was supposed to be fun...filled with energy and excitement. what happened??

i'll tell you what:

this is me:

i have been really knocked on my buttoot by this. i was running a fever for like 2 days and with the sinus pressure...i just wanted to chop my head off!! but to make matters worse, samantha has been like this:

poor thing...i know she's not feeling the best either as her nose has started running too...but the screaming and's just not conducive to my sudden sound sensitivity which amplifies the pressure in my head.

but to make things even better, our sweet dog, bill, just got neutered monday afternoon. FINALLY! but his neutering wasn't an easy he isn't from fine breeding (mutts usually aren't!) they had to do a little extra digging to get the job done. but as he is 4 yrs old he isn't quite as resilient as a puppy. and has been feeling like this:

he is actually feeling better now but still has to stay inside and is kinda going nuts because he longs to go run and play outside the way he's used to...but under dr's orders that is a no go! not till at least next monday...but even then he can't go free. he actually had to get stitches and has to wear one of those obedience cone collar thingies to keep from licking until the stitches are removed next week.

so while i'm trying to rest and recover i have to corral the older kids as they are going crazy bouncing off the walls with energy because i'm too sick to take them anywhere, trying to soothe and pacify a fussy baby and nurse a post surgical dog.

so...yeah, spring break has been fun so far. luckily, we have one more week. lets see if next week will go better!


Casey said...

wow 2 weeks of spring break!! :) I wish I went to that school! Sorry your house is under the weather :( You have a full plate little miss, you need a spa day.. a kid free.. puppy free... spa day! :)

Los Root said...

I have a blog, but I don't know everyone's I join the crowd:

Suzanne said...

Oh, I hope that everyone feels better soon! Poor little momma!

Amy said...

Wow...I didn't know you dyed your hair...and you certainly have aged a bit.


redshoes595 said...

Sorry about the sickness. Too bad moms aren't allowed to be sick.