Thursday, March 6, 2008

update on the Pettits


it feels like ages since i last posted! we have been through sicknesses of all kinds...from the flu, colds, pink eye to the stomach flu and i think i am starting to hint at allergies...when will it all end??! but on the up side, samantha FINALLY cut her top teeth. so hopefully that will improve her disposition.

but in addition to the sicknesses, we have had some big things happen. first off, we received our licence to foster...about 3 weeks ago today, actually. that excited us and we started making plans for getting the house ready for when the day would arrive in a few months that the state would call with a child to place in our home.

some things that were on our to do list:

  • get the back room cleaned out (it had become a storage room of mostly baby equipment)
  • get the bed set up
  • <>get bedding/mattress pad
  • paint the room
  • get a dresser (preferably for the girls' room that is big enough to accommodate all the girls)

well, to our shock and surprise, a week ago today i received a phone call. what??! they had a child they wanted to place in our home!! we said we'd do it and after last whirl wind of a weekend we now have an adorable red-headed 6 yr old boy in our home. he really is a good kid...but is all boy. he is just a bundle of energy...and boy have i been worn out. we are happy that he is here and our girls fell in love with him instantly!

there is going to be a lot going please be patient with me if posts become spaced farther and farther apart.


Casey said...

Yay!! thats great! what's his name? I am glad that the girls have someone to play with. I totally understand about the postings. I always want to get pictures before I post. or think of something creative. But I forget it doesnt matter, its just something to let people know that how you are :) I am glad you posted! & Congrats!

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! He is one lucky little guy too!

Andrea said...

WOW! How exciting for you guys! A little red headed boy... hmm. Ive got one of those and he is FEISTY!
What a lucky kid to be able to live with such a great family!

The Earls said...

That is so wonderful! My sister used to foster and it's amazing how fast they find children for you once your licensed. I hope it works out well and that he feels the love your family has to give him. Good luck!

Amy said...

It's good people like you decide to do this. Those kids need good people to take care of them with all they've gone through!...You're some of the best.

Heather and Spencer said...

I'm with Amy- you guys are truly amazing! And what a lucky little guy he is!! And you too huh?! Congratulations!!

Lisa and Jared said...

haha! When you said a little "6-year-old red headed boy", I pictured a little Jared running around. If this is the case, I am DEEPLY sorry! really tho, I'm really excited to see him in a few weeks when you guys are down for Easter! or, you could just put up pictures!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! What a fun adventure you're embarking on. I thought of you last week when I read a Reader's Digest story about a foster child in the California system YEARS ago. It was an interesting article and really give you compassion toward those sweet kids who need a chance at success. I hope the transition to having him as part of your family continues to go smoothly.

The Pettit Family said...

I admire so much people who are foster parents.

Matt and Natalie said...

Congrats. That is very exciting.

Becky said...

Wow! Congratulations! and thanks for stopping by my blog :)