Tuesday, March 18, 2008

shoulda woulda coulda??

wow! it's so weird to think that we very well could be in california right now! last week we, or i should i say troy, got a surprising and rather unexpected email. apparently last year troy went online to see if he could get tickets to american idol...and that is what the email was all about!

how fun would that be though??

but as it stood, internet tickets are on a first come, first served basis and there is no guarentee of getting in or even sitting with your party, and it's standing room only so we are to wear comfortable shoes too. there is also a dress code that is strictly enforced with internet ticket holders: no shorts of any kind and no t-shirts and no white. dark colors preferred. we are to dress "hip and upscale". LOL yes, and i know i'm the picture of hip and upscale!

it was a nice idea but...realistically with a baby and 3 older kids...a job and the cost of fuel and finding a place to stay, standing in a line without a guarentee of being able to even sit (or stand, as it would be) next to my husband...or even getting in for that matter...*sigh* it just wasn't to be.

another i had another rather fun surprise last week. my husband told me that an old friend (gary) from prescott came into work and they were talking. gary asked troy if he has been watching his grand daughter on tv. troy was a little lost and asked who his grand daughter is. come to find out his grand daughter is BROOKE WHITE!

how cool is that??! a few of you had some connection to her...and now so do we! she has always been a favorite of mine.

so everyone, vote and vote often for Brooke white!


Amy said...

I can't picture Troy being an A.I. fan. I can't picture ANY male being one come to think of it...at least one that fesses up to it.

That's funny you looked into it. I was wondering how people got tickets.

Casey said...

I love Brooke, she is by far my favorite this year! :) Yay! Sorry about the tickets.. We had the same (not-guarantee) with our price is right tickets so we decided not to chance it. Allot of money for a long drive to maybe not do anything.. Oh well.. some day! :) But that would have been really cool!
AMY, Mike is a bigger fan then I am! He has to record and watch it every week, & he admits it.. surprised?? yeah.. me either.. my hubby is... well.. one of a kind :)

The Earls said...

That is cool. I've liked Brooke and also David Archeleta (sp?) who I think are both LDS. My husband also loves A.I. We watch it every week. This season is so much better than the others, there's a lot of good talent!

Amy said...

They definitely needed a good season. I don't think they've been that good since the first one. The singers are way better this year than they've been ever! I think it makes a big difference that they can play instruments and stuff this year.

redshoes595 said...

I love Brooke White but David Archelleta is from up here and so I have to vote for him but I don't vote sooo. It would have been fun but life tends to dictated by money and time more than by what we want.

Andrea said...

I love A.I.! Its one of my favorites!
PS- I tagged you... check my blog

Anonymous said...

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