Saturday, April 26, 2008

i'm it!

i've been tagged again! thanks andrea! :) no, and that is not sarcastic either...i've been i'm a blog funk. it's nice to have something to post. *sigh* i do have some updating to do...but i don't have the attention span for that at the moment.

on to the tag!

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3 random/surprising facts
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  1. a great book and time to read it without guilt
  2. my kids! they are so funny and sweet
  3. relaxing/snuggling with troy. i really do have the best hubby in the world!


  1. heights...this is a very real phobia too...i even get dizzy looking up at really tall things
  2. creepy/crawly things (snakes, scorpions, spiders, cockroaches..the list goes on)
  3. something happening to someone in my family...getting hurt or worse :(


  1. lose weight!
  2. organize the some downsizing so we can do some rearranging of things
  3. become more self sufficient


  1. Survivor!
  2. ice cream
  3. my hair being clean

random/surprising facts:

  1. i have been known to get sucked into teenage "instant star". i love the music on it! (which is how it hooked me to begin with) so if you were wondering who alexz johnson is on my play list...she's the main character "jude" on that show.
  2. i don't do well with blood or needles...even though i have to endure weekly shots through out my pregnancies. the anticipation of a shot or a needle poke is enough to make me worried about passing out.
  3. i have never gone to get a manicure or pedicure and have little desire to do so.

my tagging victims:

  1. amy
  2. lisa
  3. heather m.
  4. jess
  5. suzanne


Amy said...

I've never even heard of Instant Star...what's that one about?

I'm with you on the clean hair and pedicure thing!!

Casey said...

I notice that we all take tons of pics of our kids! Now its time to take some pics of you!! :) So Take a few hours to lock the kids up, and take some pics! glamour-glitz-natural-sexy-fun-spirited Christina pics! I am giving this challenge to all the moms. Its Time we take time for outselves. I missed out on having allot of pictures of my mom at all the stages of her life, & someday when I have a daughter I want my kids to have those pics :) So go for it! Post a few of the ones you love! I know you are super busy! But you should do this for yourself! & we miss you on blog :P

mrnigh said...

Knock Knock, anybody home? Update this thing will ya?
Love Ya,

robandtiff said...

Seriously, we need some update about the girlies!!!

Rach =o) said...

Its so fun to happen upon extended families sights while i'm blogstalking. Last time I saw you was at the Taylor thanksgiving get together. Your girls room SO CUTE btw and your girls are beautiful!