Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i need your help!!

okay, as some as you may know, we are in the process of becoming foster parents. this is something we have been working on for a while and it looks like we may have our licence by the end of the month...maybe. :)

anyway, i am in need of some help from y'all. we are needing to get bedding and such for our foster child or children and i don't know what to do. we are open for either girls or boys but don't want to have to get 2 of each "just in case". and since we have done the girls' room up all cute, we think that any child placed in our home equally deserves a nice looking room. so what i need from all of you creative people with that flair for decorating are ideas that are gender neutral. we don't need anything super detailed, but something that looks nice. we are being licenced for children between the ages of 3 and 10...(girls or boys, as stated previously)

so please, pile on the ideas...from color combos to even themes if you can think of them. (i would just be happy with a good color combo with a cute way to incorporate with paint)

here is what we have done with the girls' room:

so as you can see, we don't mind putting extra effort into it, just as long as we don't have to redo it often :)

so, lay 'em on me!


Suzanne said...

Hello! So good to hear from you. I just got started on my blog, so it's so nice to get a comment!! :)
Good luck with your foster plans. One of my very best friends started fostering three years ago, and now has three that are adopted and one in the process. I have always loved beige and khaki green together for a neutral room. If you have a girl, you can always add pink bows to compiment the green. Or for a little boy, some light blue. Have fun decorating!

Suzanne said...

By the way, I love the photos of the girl's room! The flowers and butterflys and lattice are adorable!

Stina said...

thank you suzanne! it was fun doing the girl's room..but time consuming! the flowers were a stencil but it was a 3 layered one so it took like a week to do one wall...i burned out before doing the other wall. we still need to 'finish' the room...i want to weave some silk flowers in the lattice...i keep forgetting to pick some up and figure out how i'm going to do it.

btw...i love your idea for colors! i need to see what my husband thinks and i just may start collecting stuff!

Amy said...

You could try what I'm going to do to our spare room (future kid's room) this Spring. I'm doing two buttery colors...a darker one on the bottom and a lighter on top with a chair rail trim separating them. You've no doubt seen this type of thing done. It's really nice looking and the yellows aren't too loud or bright. It looks really good without taking a ton of work. I'll have to send you a picture of the hues I'm talking about.

Casey said...

I think you are doing a pretty good job decorating! I am impressed! I am horrible at that! Congrats on the foster kids! Your an amazing person! They will be bless to stay with you!

Heather and Spencer said...

I am really into the blue and brown combo right now. I've seen it done for both girls and boys and it is very cute :) Good luck!!
P.S. You need to pick your vinyl so I can make it!! Remember, you won the pay it forward?!

Design Diva said...

HI there, I would definitely use a green. Any shade could be dressed up for either a boy or girl. The library has some great decorating kids rooms book! Make sure that the room has some centering. Like I would avoid sailboat motif or something "fleeting"

Andrea said...

Sorry I didnt call you back the other day. I had my dad and stepmom and sister in town and we were busy!! We are doing good. I will call you later today.. Im trying to get landon down for a nap. (we'll see how that turns out.) Maybe we can get together this week!

Amy said...

You love me :)

You need to tell me how it's going there!