Monday, October 13, 2008

any suggestions??!

okay, samantha has been our only thumb sucker and blanket toter. i do have to say, it has been very convenient that she was able to self soothe so early, but there are definitely disadvantages. i am NOT looking forward to breaking the thumb habit.

then there is the blanket....she truly loves it! she giggles when you give it to her. but, alas, after being dragged around EVERYWHERE it doesn't exactly stay clean for very long. boy-oh-boy is laundering that blanket a joy!

i usually try to nab the blanket and toss it in the washer when she is unaware, but this time she caught me grabbing it. GREAT! she knew something was up. then i got this fabulous idea that if she was the one to put it in the washer it would go smoother.

so far so good!

there it is...getting clean!

so much for that eh??! such a sad thing!

so, do any of you have any suggestions on how to make this very temporary parting that much less traumatic for her...LOL and the rest of us??!


Rach =o) said...

lol First off I love the pictures. And I'm embarassed to admit it but I have 2 year old with the same seperation anxiety! SO, I have a few of them, and I keep one of her "silky's" in the linen closet and when I put the others in the wash I pull that one out to avoid neuclear meltdown.

Again LOVE the pictures. OH YA Do you like your washer? It looks all fancy!

Casey said...

Awe, she is soo cute! even when she has tears running down her poor cheeks. :) Umm.. we use the "popsicle" trick in our house :) or.. the frozen yogurt or "go-gurt" in the tubes, this might keep her busy for a little while.. we use this trick for many things, my poor kid. :)

Lucinda Fish said...

Your kids are so cute! Aren't they the cutest when they're mad? We had a couple blankies for Cole when he was little, all the same style, same material, and we'd rotate them every few nights so they wouldn't get too dirty, and he wouldn't get too addicted to a specific one. Good luck with that!

Amy said...

It's like a bandaid...the faster you rip it off, the better.

I don't have to live with her that's easy for me to say.

Suzanne said...

That is so sweet! Trista has a puppy dog that she has had since she was a baby. It is actually puppy #3, I had to buy identical replacements when he got lost, but she doesn't know that! LOL He started staying at home after she started preschool (4 yrs), he came to class the first couple of times though. She used to take it with her EVERYWHERE. The first one got lost at the grocery store, the second at Cabela's. Number three seems to be holding up strong since he now stays at home. Washing puppy usually had to be done after she was asleep. I would sneak him out of her room and try to put him back in the morning without her noticing. Good luck!