Monday, July 6, 2009

wow...when did i get SO old?!?

you know, i really don't feel old. they say you are only as old as you feel...not too bad. i can handle that. most of the time i feel more tired than old. some may think that tired/worn out makes them feel old...i just say "i'm a mom" better yet, "i'm a mom of young children" being tired goes with the territory.

there is the occasion where my age does feel a little age-ier than others. graduations for instance. when another school year ends and i hear people remark "wow, can you believe it?? it's been two years since we graduated high school! holy cow!" LOL wow, yeah it's been a few years more than that for me! *chuckle* but then i look at where i am at now, pregnant with my 4th child and a foster mom...i sure as heck hope that it's been a few more years than 2 since my high school graduation! weddings are another things that jolts me. especially when it may be someone who's life i was involved in when i was younger, like as a leader, or worse yet, someone i *gasp* babysat!! heh heh realise someone i babysat is married, with a kid of their own looking for THEIR own babysitters is a little weird, no?

why the topic of this post you may ask?

well, last week we were talking about birthdays. very timely too. our foster son just had his 8th birthday early in june, our youngest had her 2nd a couple months before that...and we are preparing the kids for the next actual birth day, as it can be anytime this little bundle will join us. i'll be 36 weeks in 2 days! (what with the contractions and other "symptoms" i am having, i am doubting i'll make it much further than that)

anyway, so the kids were reminded that my birthday is coming up here soon too. this is a conversation i had with my 4 year old.

Bekah: how old are you gonna be?
Me: i'm going to be turning 30!
Bekah: (horrified)what??! but that's like past 100!!!

no wonder so many people are terrified of reaching that dreaded 30!

kids...doncha just love their thought process?! :)


amy said...

The day after I hit thiry, my body started going to pot and I gained 30 pounds. It can't get worse, right?

Amanda said...

26 was my most difficult birthday so far. That's when I felt OLD. And, I have to say, I loved turning 30. I love what I've been able to accomplish in my first 30 years, so it's almost like the number is a badge of honor for me.

Magical Mom said...

Just wait until 40! teehee I actually think it has more to do with how old your kids are. I still have a 4 yo so that makes me younger right???? Okay I guess I have to count the 21 yo too. Blessing for a happy birth!!! You are in our prayers.