Sunday, November 25, 2007

*Gobble Gobble*

we spent thanksgiving down in the valley with my family this year. it was an enjoyable time for us. i really love spending time with my family. while we were down there my sister amy had our brother-in-law, james, take some pictures for her senior pictures...i'll see if i can get some of those to show her off. BUT while she was getting HER pics taken, we took advantage of the fact and got james to take a family pic for us too! THANKS JAMES! you are fabulous! hey, he actually was the one who took our engagemet pictures too!

after that the girls had fun with some of her cousins and the ducks at Freestone Park.


Amy said...

Those are very cute pictures! You are beautiful, as always!

miller care(y)t tops said...

i love to see az wintery pics!! it always makes me want to be there where it's actually nice outside and not so frigid!!

your fam. pic. looks so nice! you have 3 kiddos...i thought it was 2! your kids are so cute!

i'm wishing we had my sis. take a fam. pic. of us while we were in utah for thanksgiving for our christmas cards.

i'm glad you had a happy t-day!
have a great day!!

Casey said...

The pictures are fantastic!! You are beautiful and looked like you just stepped out of high school and Noemi looks just like you! I want a girl! Maybe next time. they are growing up so fast!! Are you planning for anymore soon?

Stina said...

*chuckle* oh casey, you are too kind...sure, just outa high school with an extra 1/2 of me added! LOL and, yes they are growing up all TOO seems like it was maybe last year when i ran into you in desert sam while pregnant with bekah is a year older than noemi was THEN! it;s crazy! and, no, we aren't planning on another one for a while, hence the foster parent cert. BUT we don't think we are done we'll see

Heather and Spencer said...

Yay family pics!!!! You look great!! And your family is beautiful :)