Sunday, November 25, 2007


sorry it has been so long since my last post! we have been quite busy! unfortunately, i cannot remember all that has gone on, but i'll do my best at hitting some of what has....

well, for those who don't know, we are in the process to become certified to be foster parents. we are almost through our training classes and we had our first home visit a few weeks ago. it was basically just a "getting to know you in your own element", but it sure lit a fire under me to get the house clean...except for those few problem, project areas..*cough*backroom*cough*office*cough* but they will be done before we are certified. i have also started babysitting again...just my neighbor, though. what a HUGE answer to prayers! there are gonna be some things we need to get before we get any foster children and i wasn't sure how we were gonna pay for mattresses and bedding...necessities and such, but now we can get things bit by bit.

we have also have been working on potty training! and it is about time! bekah has been SOOOOooooOOOO resistant and it is nice that she is almost there. if it weren't for her fear about going #2...she'd be there EVEN at NIGHT!

other than that we have just been hangin' out, enjoying each other. hmmm...and maybe a book or two...yumm??!


Amy said...

I'm very excited for you getting all certified and ready to be a foster parent. There will be some very lucky kids.