Thursday, November 29, 2007


*gasp* i just got a phone call that just thrilled me to no end. in that phone call i was informed that someone in noemi's primary class on sunday has LICE! i don't know how close contact noemi had with them...but this is something i was hoping to NOT have to deal with. i have NO idea what to do, what to look for, how long it may take to be evident or ANYTHING. last time i had it was when i was in kindergarten or first grade and i had my hair cut boyishly short...people don't still do that do they??

if anyone has had experience or knows anyone who has...PLEASE let me know! i need all the information i can get...what are some preventative measures?? ANYTHING! head hasn't stopped itching SINCE that call!


Casey said...

I am sooo sorry!! That is horrible! I feel for you, if she has it you have to clean, wash, bleach your entire house! & all the clothes all the kids have worn in a special cleaner :( I hope she never got to close to the other kid! Good luck!! *hugs*

Design Diva said...

Okay, don't panic. First off, lice are not harmful except to the emotions of the mom of the child who has them. They don't carry disease or anything they just like to be in your hair and suck your blood. hehehe. Check out Fairytale hair care. They are an anti-lice shampoo treatment company, with products that won't poison your kid.
Lydia had them and no-one else in the house got them! Love you and hang in there.

Amy said...

I hear that lice don't like the blow dryer...the heat from it.

You could always try a vinegar bath. Vinegar does everything, why not?

Amanda said...

It was wonderful to see your comment on my blog! Of course I remember you! And, please tell Sarah hi--I've often wondered how she was. She definitely needs a blog. :)

How long have you been a Pettit? And, how are we related now? I'm sure that your husband's family and my family are somehow related, as it seems that all Pettits are somewhere.

If Spencer saw Seth in the MTC, then I might have, too. Spencer entered the MTC 4 weeks after I did, so we were there for about 5 weeks together. (I went to the Baltic Mission, Russian speaking.) I vaguely remember hearing that they met, but maybe it was after I left for the Baltics?

Thanks again for saying hi!


miller care(y)t tops said...

oh yes!! the fun begins! :)
this won't be the first "lice check" with kids, mind you! it's only beginning!!! LOL

yes, we are in Twin Falls, ID and we love it! it's a bit cold, but we love the seasons and all the cheap fam. activities. it's a great community to raise a family in and the church is so strong here! i love being here!!!

Amy said...

Christina...You didn't post ANYthing for December!