Thursday, January 3, 2008

out of the mouths of babes

okay here are a couple of quotes that amused me the past couple of days:


*we had asked our girls if they wanted to do anything special and they told us they wanted to go to the mall to play in the play area there. i was kinda giving them a hard time.*

me: but it's not fair. there is a play area for kids, but nowhere for grown ups to play!

noemi(my 5 yr old): but that is what all those shopping stores are for!!!


*i was sitting on a toolbox next to troy while he was finishing grouting some tile he put in*

bekah (my 3 yr old): mommy, can i sit on yours lap? (i love the way she talks)

me: *seeing there is not enough room because i am wedged between a table and troy* no, sorry sweetie, there's not enough room. mommy's too big and fat.

bekah: no, your just big.


Amy said...

Now didn't that just make you feel least you weren't "fat." And kids'll tell you if you are.

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Thanks for the introduction and the post on my blog. It is always fun to meet new people.
I see you are a family of three girls, as where I will be a family of three boys soon. How do you like that? I really want to have a girl someday, but dont know how many testerone little men I can handle to try to achieve that admiration.
I will send your Hellos to Chad and Eugene. I am sure Chad was a hoot in class to teach or assist, whichever it was. He is such a character definetely one to have around for entertainment purposes on any occasion.
Well keep in touch if you would like and maybe we can learn more about each other. Do you live here in the valley also?

Wright Family said...

i just love the things that they say, thay aren't afraid of hurting feelings or anything, they just speak their minds. You gotta love them for that. Sometimes it takes an open mind though. Love ya Stina,