Monday, January 21, 2008

all in the attitude :)

one of the things i am trying to work on this year is my attitude. i am the type of person who likes things "just so"...i like to know what is going on and therefor not so good about spontaneity. i'm not necessarily a control freak, i just like to know what to expect. and when things don't go the way i have anticipated i stress and worry...and therefore i become grumpy. i really want to see a lot less of "grumpy christina".

today has been one of those days where "grumpy christina" could be found.

i found out yesterday that this week will be a short babysitting week...which means less $$. :( i have been a little congested and it has been causing me to have headaches and have been making me feel a little run down. we got to bed later last night and even though there was no school, i couldn't sleep in because i had samantha's 9 month check up. to make things even better, bekah woke up early and came into our room and we found out she had an accident. :( so i had to get up and get her clean underwear and pajamas. when we got up and started getting around , bekah fell back asleep on the couch. i hoped she would wake up on her own because she does NOT wake up well. after i had fed and got the other girls dressed i woke her up. luckily she was okay. we all piled into the car to leave for the appointment, and turned the key and nothing our battery was dead! we don't have any jumper cables and even if we did i still would be late for our appointment. so i called to reschedule. the girls were disappointed because they were looking forward to seeing our doctor who is also a friend. so back into the house we go and the girls proceeded to tear their room apart...and clean up time has not been pleasant lately.

but this is how things ended up:

yeah i have been tired and headachey, but thanks to ibuprofen, i have been functional. yes, we did get to bed a little later last night, but it was because we had some friends over and we thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't mind one bit getting to bed later because of it. :) bekah did have an accident but because i hadn't put the girls' clothes in their room yet, i just had to go to the foot of our bed to get her clean clothes. and with her coming in our room made sure that i didn't sleep in too late. bekah actually woke up really well and was happy and got ready quickly and we were ready to go when i was wanting to leave by...that usually doesn't happen. the battery being dead was an inconvenience but the office was already open and was able to reschedule for tomorrow and being a short babysitting week, i happen to not be babysitting tomorrow anyway! that made things a lot less complicated! :) i really didn't have anything else i was committed to today, like picking noemi up from school (there was no school today) so of all days for the battery to die, today was a pretty good one! and, yes the girls did make a mess of their room, but they are so gosh darn cute!

i went to go and check on them and to possibly scold them for not cleaning and this is what i saw:

i caught them off guard and sometimes it is so hard to stay upset with them. i love them so did i end up with 3 cute kids??


Amy said...

Awwww...they are so cute! You're a lucky girl!

Heather and Spencer said...

I know exactly what you mean... the whole blog... I get it!

Casey said...

Awe!! A glass half full moment!! At the end of the day.. at least you had one, and that counts! Everyone has those days when you wish you could cut apart your mattress and hide inside so no one will find you!!!.. But it sounds like it all worked out :) & eventhough its less money.. its a day off! Only your kiddo's to keep track of and hopefully that means a little more Chrissy-tina time! *hugs*