Saturday, January 26, 2008


okay, i LOVE valentines day! i HAD to do a little blog work just for the occasion including the appropriate mood music! *sigh*

yeah, when i was younger and unattatched it wasn't so great...and let me think, i think there was actually maybe ONE valentines day that there was someone in the picture (before i was married)...but, okay, so unimportant!

i know there are those who tend to take the attitude of "it's just a holiday manifactured but the card and candy people to bring in buisness" and this is what i say to you: PPPPPBBBBTTT!

what's wrong with having another day that helps you appreciate your sweetie and what they mean to you. yeah i know you should do that everyday but i'm not that perfect.

anyway, this valentines day try to make your valentine feel special. you don't have to go out and buy candy and flowers, or plan an extravagent date...just put some thought in it...think of why they are so special to you and act accordingly. i find it's the small heartfelt things that are much more meaningful!

have fun!


Andrea Smith said...

Okay.. I guess this post was meant for me because I am one of those people that deserves the PPPPPPBBBBTTT! Youre right though, it is a special day and eventhough I always do something for Matt, I will make this year extra special! Thanks!

Heather and Spencer said...

I really want to think of something fun, sweet, creative, and perfect!! But am drawing a blank!

Casey said...

I agree! With all the busy everyday stuff we have to do. Somedays its hard to remember why you got in "this busy" place to begin with, your honey is always there to support you! I need to think of something really nice this year!! :) So I am starting early.. Any Idea's?

miller care(y)t tops said...

i totally agree!
love the new blog look for ♥ day!

last year we did a "we love you all the TIME" and then each hour from 8-5 that day , we had little gifts for daddy to open or get. 8am- he got a card from us telling him he'd had a surprise every hour. 9am- he checked his trunk and found a heart shaped box with wrapped things. 10am- he unwrapped a note from the kids. 11am- he unwrapped some candy, etc. it was really fun and he seemed to enjoy the all day "love notes" and candy!

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Lisa and Jared said...

ahaha! i have blogpsot now! it's ""

Lisa and Jared said...

how do i add links to other people?

Lisa and Jared said...

hooray! you're awesome!