Thursday, January 17, 2008

domestic diva??

wow! i feel quite satisfyingly domestic right now. :) i have made two batches of homemade baby food. it is really easy and so much cheaper than buying it. i made about 46 oz for right around $3. but that was because the price of the sweet potatoes were $1.79 a pound.

it makes me feel good to know exactly what my daughter is eating and it actually tastes good...some of the jarred stuff are really bland. and i control what goes in it. i don't have to worry about salt, sugars, dyes, or preservatives.

here are the steps that it took:
first i baked the sweet potatoes and scooped out the 'meat'.

then i put the potatoes in the blender with the liquid of choice to thin it...i chose apple juice and water. puree!

next i put the puree into a freezable container with sections. ice cube trays are popular, but i use freezer trays made especially made for baby food...the sections are larger and it comes with a lid so i don't have to use foil or plastic wrap to cover it.

place in the freezer for a day or till completely frozen solid. lastly, i pop 'em out and place the cubes in a freezer ziploc bag for storage in the freezer until i need to thaw and use one. they can last longer in the freezer, but for best results, use with in a month.

for recipes or other information on making baby food (such as what foods are age appropriate...etc) check out:



Crissybug said...

Wow...I am totally impressed. I have never actually made my own baby food. I guess I am lazy. I might have to check out that website when this new baby is old enough to start eating solids

Heather and Spencer said...

That is something I will def need to try!! You saw how teeny tiny Logan is... maybe I can actually get some weight on that baby this way!!

Amy said...

They actually have ice trays for baby food! NOW ya tell me!

After pureeing it, I used to mash it through a sieve. BLEH! That took forever!

It really is SO much cheaper to do it that way. I didn't start buying pre-made baby food until Lily was over a year...well, except for the fruit. It was WAY cheaper to buy the fruit baby food cuz the raw stuff was so expensive and most fruits don't freeze well.

The Earls said...

I agree that making it yourself is most of the time cheaper. We'd buy the jar stuff only if it was on sale. You can get so much more variety as well when you make it yourself. We even did beets once. They LOVED it, but it sure did stain.

miller care(y)t tops said...

I love it!!! I did this for the 1st with my little boy--#3 and it was so worth it! after awhile, I got tired of it and would just buy a jar here and there, but it definitely helps the budget and is so much better for them!

Amy said...

It actually last from 3 to 6 months in the freezer--fruits are the exception.

Casey said...

I admire you crazy creative people! Someday I will try it!.. I just know it! someday.. being the key word!

Design Diva said...

Yeah for sweet potatoes for a sweet little one. You are the Domestic Goddess!

Andrea Smith said...

Yay for blogs! I added you to our list too! Thanks for having us over last night- we had a great time and the food was DELICIOUS!!

The Pettit Family said...

I love the baby food ice cube trays. I've gotta get some!