Friday, June 12, 2009


one may notice that pregnancy can bring out, that's a woman. especially in late pregnancy!!

most people are aware of the dr. jekyll and mr. hyde phenomenon among pregnant women. i have to say, at this point in my pregnancy, my alter ego has been frequenting much more often.

i have found myself more and more often in a very feisty and sarcastic mood. i have the urge to do nothing more than to scoff at people's ignorance, vocalize my annoyance, and to make snarky comments. ahhh i just daydream of letting loose all these desires on some poor unsuspecting person who happens to cross me...

but, alas, my nature doesn't allow this without proper provocation...usually... which is actually a good thing. LOL i can't tell you how many friends and acquaintances i would lose had i not have this powerful mute button when it comes to my knee jerk (but sometimes rather witty) responses to people.

as i sit here and delight at this side of me that is not so very often seen by most people, i am also appalled at it, and afraid of it at the same time. that is not a "me" i like to portray...not a side that i am especially proud of on most occasions.

sooo...if anyone sees me and notices this strange mischievous twinkle in my eye, either run the other direction or break out the duct tape and promptly apply to my soon to be running mouth.

ps...has anyone ever seen a maternity shirt that is that bright yellow caution tape color that says " not cross" if so, let me know. LOL i think that may be a wise purchase on my part! ;)


amy said...

I love to be snarky.

And I love the word snarky.

Casey said...

LOL, your funny. and I havent seen that shirt for prego's but I have one for dispatchers :)

Suzanne said...

I totally understand....pregnancy hormones are so not fun, especially at the end. I would buy one of those maternity shirts, such a good idea. :)