Sunday, June 14, 2009

dun dun duuuuun! (aka forboding music) ;)

craaaaazy stuff...

i am sitting here a little bored and a little frustrated. i miss my computer! well...i suppose i AM technically on my computer...

okay, lucy, i'll 'splain..

memorial day weekend we usually go camping with my sister and her family and some friends. we have done this for what? at least 3 years?? that sounds about right. anyway, it's fun and something we look forward to every year. well, this year was sticky...we were asked to dj a wedding reception for some friends of ours and we were beyond happy to do so! then we learned it was the saturday of that holiday weekend. bummer! they told us they could find someone else if we still wanted to go...ahh what to do??! we felt so torn!

well, with the economic down turn, construction is really slow and not so good for people in that field...and thus not so great for my sister's family as that affected them. would they still want (or be ABLE) to go camping this year??! after long, hard deliberations, we decided we were not going to go, but stay and support our friends and "play some funky music". LOL it was fun. preparations were stressful (as always) but it was worth it. i love that dj-ing is one of my husbands talents! he may not be the best one in the world...but i honestly don't know any better! :)

sooo what does this all have to do with my blasted computer??! i'm getting to that part.

with the conveniences with this modern age, come mp3s (and other such music files) so cds are not so much needed. it makes it sooo much easier (cheaper, too, might i add) to acquire certain special songs for occasions. in the past we have had songs that we downloaded on our computer AND brought our plethora of cds too. this time we managed to put ALL our cds on a drive on our computer. it was so nice not having to lug all those around with us!! the reception was great and we all had a blast.

but tragedy struck the next day. sunday morning my husband told me our computer crashed. WHAT?!! it was working just fine all the night before!! he then told me that when he was installing the external drive that all our music was on (it was originally installed on our desktop...and we used the laptops, so needed the drive with the laptops instead) there was some difficulty. there was some errors or it just didn't install properly, i don't know...i'm not the most computer knowledgeable. anyway, so that sunday morning he was trying to UNinstal that drive and that is what did it. bye bye computer. might i mention, my husband is in the computer he knew what he was doing. it did not happen because of lack of knowledge or a dabbler's mistake. but CRAP!! this is nooooo good! not only did i panic at the thought of all our music lost...that is easily attained again, but important files on our computer, and worse yet *gasp* alllllll our digital pics!! we haven't taken many pictures on actual film since our first real digital camera...which we got when bekah was 3 months old! there was like 10 GIGS worth of pic on my computer...and NO BACK UP! oh the horror of horrors! i suddenly felt weak, dizzy, and nauseous. this cannot be happening! there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

but troy, the awesome superhuman he is, immediately began to work on the computer to see what he can do...could it be least enough to rescue the pictures! and finally, by the end of the day...voila! the computer was up and running....very sluggishly and it all seemed so very wrong...but the pictures were able to ALL be transferred onto troy's laptop. and important files are safely tucked away. holy cow!! i felt like i could breathe again!

actually, the fact that i am still "on" this very computer is amazing. troy needs to go an reformat! but in the time being it still works well enough to network our other laptop that usually cannot function on it's own. (about 2 years ago it got an accidental bath by a mug of water spilling on it. the screen was permanently affected. it works sometimes but not others. (troy even tried to replace it...but still, the same probably something like the video card was messed up. *shrug* but that computer works perfectly fine if it's networked and accessed from another. which is what i am doing now. i am using my poor crashed computer to be able to log on to my bathed computer so i can get on the internet to pay bills and get email and such.

so, until troy get's the time (and motivation) to go and actually fix my computer this is what i have to do. which is not all bad...but i don't have access to certain FACEBOOK and blog features. i can usually read and comment on everyone's but i can't access all MY features. soo until my computer is fixed or troy brings his work one home and i can get on his, i just write a post and it will sit in drafts until that blessed day! LOL

and until that time, i cannot take pictures off my camera, cannot post any pictures or anything. *pout*

but i have a computer....and i DO HAVE ALLLL my pics!! so life is good! semi frustrating...but i'll take that happily! :)

so, what's all your biggest computer fears??