Thursday, June 18, 2009

we're getting there!

can you believe it?! i am 33 weeks along in my pregnancy. and for those who don't know, i am having girl #4! :) we couldn't be happier!

some may think 33 weeks isn't anything huge...that i still have a ways to go...

but in my case, not necessarily so! the furthest i have ever gone in a pregnancy is 36 1/2 weeks! 37 weeks is technically considered full term...that is my goal. i want to go to term...early yes, but to technically not have a premature baby would be nice. (even IF the 36 1/2 week-er was 7 lbs 3 oz...) so as long as i make it to july 15th my goal will be met.

wow, july 15th...that's not so very far away! i thought i would be brilliant and get a head start in preparations. today i went and got out all my newborn girl clothes to see what all i still need. (my other girls were other season fall, one late fall, and one spring. this is our first summer) i realized real quickly that it wasn't the wisest thing to do for at least another 2 weeks. i am now VERY anxious to meet our little girl. *pout* that's ALL i need...getting anxious now, it;s not so conducive to my goal. LOL

i'll keep ya'll updated! :)


amy said...

Did I know you were having a girl? I think I did. Yeah. Congrats!