Thursday, June 11, 2009


okay, yeah so it's been a couple of months since my last post. and that post was pathetic at that. but you know what?! oh well! i just have had no love for blogging. i suppose you can say i lost that loving feeling. not to say that i have lost the love for all my friends out there that i kept in contact via blog...i just hated the thought of sitting down and thinking of something interesting, witty, amusing or anything mildly unboring to post. facebook has been my addiction of choice...much more of a instant gratification thing, and much more response. :) hey, who doesn't love instant validation on what you are doing/feeling?!

i know there is little excuse as to my lack of posts...there has been sOOOoooOOO much that has gone on! holidays, birthdays, pregnancy (might i add, i am near ready to pop...only about a month to go!) drama with kids, court thingies for our foster son, a little get away to cali for just troy and i, school getting out, sicknesses... the list goes on and on!

so yeah, as i regain my seat in the blogging world, as slowly as that will be, if there is anything you guys are curious about, just ask. i may or may not eventually indulge your curiosities of my most often mundane life. but in the time being, check me out on facebook! LOL that's the sure fire way to keep good up-to-date tabs on my comings and goings! <3


Casey said...

Yay! you posted! Im so excited! :) I had trouble coming up with stuff too! until I realized its for me, and since I make books out of all my blogs on artscow, Its like memory books for our family. and someone when I am gone, my kid will be able to learn about me, things I enjoyed and hated.. :)