Friday, June 19, 2009

permission to whine pls??


i'm in a funk tonight. i hate this! i feel a lack of energy, a feeling of unspecified sadness, and just an over all little gloomy cloud following me around. blah!

does anyone else get like this from time to time...possibly randomly?? does it get brought on by any certain thing or event?

tonight my husband is not home. i feel very onery and spoiled at the moment. the past 4 years he has had to take a week off of work to spend at camp geronimo for scout camp because he was the 12-13 year old's scout master. don't get me wrong, i support him fully in his duties and assignments...but those were 4 very hard weeks. this year he is no longer the scoutmaster! (yay!) but he does miss it. one of the perks though, is getting back that extra week of vacation! woohoo! but, alas, tonight finds him yet again, at scout camp. LOL it's not bad at all...he drove up right after work and he will most likely be home before lunch tomorrow. not bad at all....not even one day of work off...although he totally would have, had his boss not already taken those days off so he HAD to be there. so now i feel spoiled because i feel sad and missing my man. even if it's one measly night when normally it's a whole week. i'm really not complaining, just stating that i am missing him.

tonight would be a perfect night to clean the house, but i have no energy. it would also be great for indulging in a decadent pint of ben and jerry's and watch my treasured copy of phantom of the opera, but i'd have to take the kids to the grocery store with me, and their abundant energy and their lack of listening skills makes that trip more than unapealing...and the movie just doesn't hold that same tantalization tonight. a good book and a bubble bath would be in order, but i have no more bubble bath and i don't want to start the twilight series again yet... (once i start, i have to read ALL FOUR...and that takes up a lot of time as a busy mommy) i'll save that for when baby time is closer and i can't do as much or if i get put on bedrest. none of my other books are jumping out at me as something that would absorb my attention this evening.

i wanna chat, but i don't know who to call on a friday night with datenight or other things going on...not to mention i don't know how phone chatty i'd be. facebooking would be nice....especially since i haven't been on it for like 3 weeks except for a second to try to draw my friends back to my blog. (is anyone even still CHECKING it anymore?!) but my computer is not fixed yet and this one cannot access facebook. grrr. i can happily waste at least an hour catching up on everything...and then there are the mind numbing quizes that could occupy me...not to mention possible friends online that i haven't seen in years to chat with. *sigh*

LOL i could even blog about past goings on if my computer was fixed...but since i don't even want to try to figure out where the pics are on this one, i want to leave those posts till pictures are available. i can't even find internet pics to liven up my posts, because our filter blocks most of them anyway! gah! can't win for losing eh? :)

okay, i think i am done whining now. and if there ARE any readers out there anymore...let me know. LOL it had ONLY been 2 months...well and several more before that...but still! :P

heehee! let me know i'm still loved!


Crissybug said...

I am still around...glad you are back :) Sorry you had such a bummer day. Your honey will be home before you know it!

Magical Mom said...

I'm here! I would just chalk up your "whininess" to hormones! LOL
Hang in there, not tooo much longer and you will have that awesome new baby in your arms. Hopefully in July about the middle. OKAY?

Heather said...

I am still here! I have truly enjoye yor comments on my blog!And you can call me anytime, seriously. We never have date nights... might be why I am having such a hard time lately... but yeah, call anytime!

Amanda said...

I stop in and check your blog every so I'm still here, too. :) I can't believe you only have 3 weeks left! I'm SO jealous. I feel like my abs are about to burst at the slightest provocation. And, I still have almost 8 weeks to go! I hope these last few weeks go well for you! Give yourself as many breaks as possible and enjoy late pregnancy. Up to this point in your life, this is only the 4th time you get to use it as an excuse--so milk it for all it's worth! ;)

amy said...

Wow. I'm stunned. You blogged. Praise the heavens!

Sorry you had a crap-O day. I'm having one of those today. I just feel like bleh.

But it's these days that allow us to have really good days, right?

amy said...

P.S. You could have called me too. I'm always home Friday nights. More or less.

Suzanne said...

You are loved! I'm glad you are blogging again. Pictures or not, it's good to hear from you. The end of pregnancy is so hard, especially when you have a long list of things to do, can't get them all done the way or times you want. I smiled when I read about the grocery store. It is so hard to get there with kids in tow, when you are "towing" one off the front of you LOL.